Current Skin Care Routine: Staying Clear


Who doesn't want beautiful clear skin? I think that's everyone's goal. When your skin in on point not only does it make your makeup look better but you feel more confident too. I know all about the struggle of getting and maintaining clear, healthy skin so to day I'm sharing with you my current skin care routine. Some key products I've talked about before but they're THAT good so drilling them home is oh so necessary. Let's get to it!

Purpose face wash - Biologique Recherche

CLEANSE: First things first, cleansing. I usually stick to a gentle cleanser that isn't over-drying and is also non comedogenic. I really like Peter Thomas Roth's Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Cleansing Gel, it worked really well on my skin type. And when the budget is tight I go to my trusty Purpose soap. It's gentle and helps remove pesky eye makeup too.

TONE: After cleansing I follow up with my favorite, holy-grail, can NOT live without it, Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. This exfoliating toner is everything, it is life. Seriously. It helps to clear up and maintain my skin while also targeting dark spots, evening skin tone, and so much more. GET ON IT!

Creme Dermopurifiante moisturizer

SERUM: For the past month I've been using Stemology's Cell Revive Collagen Complete with StemCore-3 as well as Biologique Recherche's Serum Complexe Iribiol. Sometimes I use them both or I alternate them.

MOISTURIZE: I was sent a sample of BR's Creme Dermopurifiante the last time I ordered from Rescue Spa and loved it so much I ordered the full size. It is recommended for seborrheic, unbalanced and/or reactive skin (hello, that's me!). I can be extremely oily and I particularly love how quickly this absorbs into my skin while also mattifying it.

Dr, Brandt Pore Dermabrasion

MINIMIZING PORES: Tightening my pores is another thing I'm crazy about. The tighter the pores the less breakouts right? Anyway, so every few days I use the Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator. This in combination with BR's Lotion P50 and Serum Complexe Iribiol helps to detox the skin and minimize those pores. Over exfoliating is a no-no, but I'm already accustomed to using the Lotion P50 with the PoreDermabrasion. If you're trying it out don't use them both on the same day.

And there you have it!! I know these items are pricey BUT they're so worth it. IMO, investing in my health / beauty trumps splurging on designer items #justsaying. And besides with the business I'm in I can't afford not to.

Hopefully this was helpful and you have some new products you want to try! xo ♥