Flawless Makeup With Mikasa Beauty


The key to flawless makeup is not only beautiful clear skin (took me years to figure this part out) but the right tools. Mikasa Beauty just so happened to reach out to me about trying their brushes  when I was researching makeup brushes. Uh, hell yeah! I went with the 8 piece Essential Kit because it came with a container to hold the brushes.  They also sent me a free lemon drop which is very similar to the BeautyBlender. I think the Essential Set is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. If you don't know which brush to use for what, don't worry! A detailed list is included. The bristles are soft and of great quality. I absolutely loved how my makeup came out, how natural and well blended it looked the first time I used them.

Mikasa 8 Piece Essential Kit

Below is a breakdown of what the Essential Set contains:

  • E100 Angled Liner Brush:A firm, angled brush perfect for creating precise lines across the lash line and can also be used for defining eyebrows. This is ideal for use with liquid, cream, and powder products.
  • E230 Eye Shader Brush:A must have eye shadow brush with a firm, tapered, rounded head. This brush is perfect for controlled application of emollient or powder eye shadows.
  • E300 Blending Brush:Best used for controlled blending and smudging of eye shadows, this tapered medium sized brush has soft bristles and a rounded top.
  • E310 Pencil Brush:This brush has a small, rounded tapered tip that allows for precise application and smudging of powder products. It can be used to soften eyeliners or to highlight inner corners of eyes.
  • E220 Concealer Brush:A soft flexible brush that allows for blending and application of cream based products. It has synthetic bristles that offer precision application for underneath the eye and hard to reach areas.
  • F100 Powder Brush:This soft, luxurious brush with a rounded head is perfect for light all-over application and uniform blending of powder products.
  • F111 Blush Brush:A dome shaped brush with natural bristles that's ideal for precise application of powder face products. Use this brush to perfectly apply and blend blush and bronzer for a natural glowing complexion.
  • F200 Duo Fibre Finishing Brush:This multipurpose brush is made of a mix of natural and synthetic bristles. This brush can be used for flawless application and blending of powder, cream, or liquid products.

I've used a bunch of different beauty sponges in the past but the lemon drop is by far my favorite. It is soft and blends the makeup in beautifully. Legit obsessed with it. You ever dampen a beauty sponge and it just doesn't work for some products? Well I use the lemon drop damp and it works well with all of my concealers and foundations. Win win ;-) . The pointy side is perfect for applying concealer and blending around the nose; the flat side for the rest of the face. It's my go-to and I haven't stopped using it since I got it.

If you've been in need of makeup brushes then you'll definitely want to check out Mikasa Beauty. So hook yaself up and use my code (MIRIAMSCBEAUTY25) and get 25% off your purchase. You're welcome ;-)