Gorgeous Curls with Moroccan Oil


I was recently reintroduced to a brand I had used once before, Moroccan Oil. An old co-worker gave me a shampoo and conditioner from the line that I really didn't like too much. Fast forward like 2 years and I got my hands on some Moroccan Oil products that I never even knew they had. When it comes to my curls I will try just about anything. Trying to find that balance of products that will hold my curls without drying them out or leaving them hard/crunchy, is a curly girl's mission. Thanks to NYFW I was given these three gems:

I decided to random use them one day and I was pleasantly surprised! I loved how full, soft, and bouncy my curls were. And, no crunchiness here! After washing my hair I apply the hydrating cream, from roots to tips. After that I apply the curl defining cream. I love this thing!! It does a great job at retaining moisture and of course defining my curls. It smells so freaking amazing too! Actually, everything smells amazing lol :-D The last step is the styling gel. I usually try to stay away from gel but this one does the trick. I use very little (nickle size amount) and only on my hairline where my little pelitos (baby hair) are. This helps to keep them in check cuz they get out of control sometimes. Any excess product I just use it on the ends of my hair. By this point there's like nothing left anyway. Excuse my face yall. I was testing a cc cream and it made me break out! :-( Anyway, the last thing I do is use a diffuser to get rid of the excess water, especially if I'm in a hurry. If not, I let my hair air dry. These products are great for day old hair too. Before going to bed I put my hair in a loose high pony tail and in the morning I let the steam of the hot shower lightly mist my hair. It's a great to "rejuvenate" the curls. Sometimes I use a water bottle and spray the dead parts of my head to bring the curls back to life. Then I use only the curl defining cream. This process is only good for about 3 days, after that, it's time to wash the hair! The build up will start and we don't want that! I was so happy with the results of these three products and have been using them nonstop since, so I just had to share! Hope you all enjoyed this post!

Thanks so much for stopping by ;-)