Gray And Yellow Combo + A Freelance Lifestyle


I was recently was working with my acting coach for an audition and before diving into the materials she asked me how I was filling up my time. Mainly that's been helping others with their social media campaigns for projects, writing, assets for my website re-design (my acting site) and the blog. I said "I wish it was with acting though." Actually saying all of that out loud made me feel very guilty. But then what she said next made me realize something I was doing without even realizing it.

She said, "well, you're preparing for a freelance lifestyle so you can go off and do the stuff you want to do." BINGO. She was absolutely right. I hadn't realized or even put much thought into the things I'm doing now and how they could potentially be helping me in the future. Embracing this sudden freelance lifestyle is all new to me and obviously something I'm still adjusting to.

Another passion I truly enjoy is writing and I definitely want to do more of that. Not just my own stuff like the blog and scripts but for other online entities and such.  In reality, I DO want a freelance lifestyle because that is more me. The 9-to-5 is just not my thing and I only did it because I had to.  Believe me when I tell you that I will do everything in power to not be in that position again, unless it's for myself of course!

About this look, unless you've been living under a rock (hate that phrase btw) grey is major this year and I know y'all know by now how obsessed I am with it lol. But yellow, yellow is my baby! It's so bright and it just literally lights up any look or space. Not to mention that it's a nice contrast from this season's darker hues.

This Oasap scarf can actually be worn three different ways; as a shawl, cape or scarf. The versatility of it is what I love best and let me tell you, it is freakn HUGE!! And warm too which is great because NYC has been Brick City.

Oh, and is it February already! As I get older seems like the time is just flyinnnnnggg by. Wish I could press <<pause>> for just a few seconds....