My Healthy Meal Plan: What I Typically Eat In A Day


So how do you like these fitness inspired posts so far? I think what's in my gym bag is my favorite! I’m really enjoying sharing personal insight and the next obvious topic to talk about is food. Yes, food! We need it to fuel our bodies and feed our minds, but how many of us are in truth emotional eaters? Guilty as charged. Today I’m sharing my healthy meal plan. This is what I typically eat in a day.

BREAKFAST 3 egg whites w/red onions or bell peppers toasted Ezequiel bread coffee w/fat free milk & 1tsp of brown sugar or honey Avocado


¼ c steel cut oats w/handful of blueberries or ½ banana coffee w/fat free milk & 1tsp of brown sugar or honey toasted Ezequiel bread

*If I decide to workout early in the morning I have a red apple with almond butter and black coffee before heading to the gym

LUNCH Baked chicken breast baked sweet potato roasted bell peppers or small salad

If I don’t have sweet potatoes I’ll make brown rice, quinoa, or a big salad with bell peppers, tomatoes and avocado. Sometimes I’ll make a huge pot of lentil soup and have that for lunch and dinner for the next 3-4 days. Definitely makes it easier to meal plan when you cook a big pot of soup!

DINNER (usually leftover lunch) Baked chicken breast Quinoa or brown rice Kidney beans or black beans Slice of avocado

Listen, I’m Puerto Rican, and most Hispanics need that aguacate (avocado) on their plate ok! Dinner is usually light for me meaning I don’t like to eat too many carbs but that all depends on how my day has been and when I worked out. I adjust lunch and dinner accordingly to ensure I’m eating well after an intense workout, like leg day (ugh!). This meal plan may seem pretty plain and boring but it’s what works for me. Sometimes I’ll switch it up and make turkey meatballs, or chicken parm etc. but I make sure to have a reasonable serving size and not overdo it.

Snacks are pretty simple; I’ll have an orange, grapefruit (my fav), ½ banana with almond butter or an apple with almond butter, almonds, or a protein bar. Sometimes I’ll make myself a small smoothie to hold me over until the next meal. Drinking tea is really good as well and my current favorite is the Twinging lemon ginger tea. I add a slice of lemon and some honey…mmmmm! So good! And great if you’re sick too. I’ll have this before or after a meal.

A cheat day is Saturday or Sunday. I used to make the mistake of cheating ALL DAY. No, no, no! It’s just one cheat meal and for me that usually means pizza :-) I go to the gym Sunday – Thursday and give myself Friday & Saturday’s off. Of course if I miss a day for whatever reason I make up for it on the weekend. Am I perfect? No. Do I waiver from this? Yes! I am human. However, I try not to get too hard on myself and focus on doing better for the rest of the day / next day if I’ve slipped. I’m so much better now at listening to my body and sticking to what is working for me because for a very long time it seemed as though not a dam thing with working which can be very frustrating!

Let’s talk about workouts for a bit since I don't have a separate post for it. At the gym I focus more cardio because that is what I have learned is best for my body type (I am a combo of mesomorph and endomorph); the treadmill, elliptical and stairs are my go-to for cardio. I challenge myself by increasing the level of intensity, speed, or just add an extra 5 minutes to the time. At home workouts is T25 or whatever my boyfriend makes me do. Since I suck at upper body I weight train with him focusing on this area. He’s great at coming up with different ways to work my arms and back so I never get bored and always feel extremely challenge. We also shadow box too because I’m kinda obsessed with wanting to play a boxer now LOL!

What are your tips for healthy eating? Any favorite recipes? Share!



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