Metallic Knit Tee


Sometimes not planning works out. Of course this depends on certain variables and circumstances. I'm talking about little stuff like eating out, going to a museum or seeing a movie. Sometimes these unexpected events are just what we need. That's what the novio and I did last Wednesday night.

He was working late and I was home catching up on stuff and trying to figure out my life lol, when he called and asked if I wanted to meet after he gets out. The old me would've gotten annoyed that he hadn't contacted me sooner so I could have ample time to get ready. However, the new me was like (looks at clock first), "sure. Well, let me get ready then." Hangs up phone and starts running around the apt like a maniac. It's been awhile since we went to the movies so it was actually a nice unexpected plan.

Let's be real, we can say that sometimes "life just gets crazy" but we can learn to keep it in check. Ifwe don't, then we tend to not spent QT with the people we love. And that's how you end up not speaking or seeing someone for months or even years. I wish this outfit would've worked out like my unexpected movie night! Ha! For real though, has that ever happened to you? When I first saw this gold metallic tee I thought it was so cute and I envisioned a whole look for it.

 Unfortunately, the cuteness didn't translate on camera the way it did in my head. But at least I finally got to wear it! I mean, it's only been sitting in my closet for freaking ever. And it also gave me a reason to wear these comfortable beige Go Jane mid-heels. You guy shave no idea how hard I was looking for heels that weren't 4-5in high.

Even though this tee + jeans look isn't what I expected, hopefully you guys liked it!