Neutral Leopard


Dear Monday,You come around way too often and way too soon.  Saturday & Sunday feel like seconds long and never get enough attention...

Don't you agree?  The weekends go by too dam fast.  Before you know it, your alarm is going off at 6AM and the struggle to get out of bed in unreal.  Welcome to my life.  But, I'm training my mind to think differently.  Every day is a blessing, an opportunity to start the week positively and productively.  An opportunity to accomplish small goals that lead to bigger goals....your dreams. So Monday, I appreciate you and welcome whatever you throw my way! Let's make it happen ;-)


The clutch is clearly not the standard leopard print and that's what I love about it.  The neutral leopard tone is a fresh take on the timeless print.  I instantly knew I wanted to wear it with these destroyed boyfriend jeans from the Gap and caged heels from Forever 21.  It took me over a year to wear it all but better late than never!

Xo ♥