Rompn' On The GWB


"When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream." ~Paulo Coelho

I strongly believe that the people and events in our lives are no coincidence. At the time, we may now know or understand the "why" but there is a master plan in effect beyond our control. A walk on the GWB (George Washington Bridge) to clear my mind reminded me of this.

When you're that high up, looking over the world beneath you, the tranquil water, it's impossible not to be filled with hope and leave optimistic.

I believe in visions.  In ENVISIONING the things you want to accomplish and have happen.  When you speak your dreams to the universe, things start to unfold.

Romper: F21 (similar)// Sunglasses: Old (similar) // Bag: Strawberry (similar) // "LOVE" Bracelet: Rolling Threads // Midi Rings: Rolling Threads & Icing (here) and (here)


Today is an opportunity to make one of my visions come to fruition. Wish me luck!

About this cute is it!?  These are perfect for the hot NYC days ahead because they're lightweight, comfortable and you can take them from day to night.  I wore this before with a denim cropped vest but decided to do away with that since it was quite muggy this day.  And of course, my big ol' curly fro!

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