T3 Micro Twirl360 Review

Lil Miss Product Junkie is back with another review for you lovely folks! This time it's a hair tool...Anything that will make getting ready faster and easier I'm all for trying, especially when it comes to my hair. The T3 Micro Twirl360 is a like a traditional curling iron except the barrel rotates by simply pressing the "go" button while turning your wrist. The temperature settings are broad, and powerful, 5 heat settings from 260º - 410º. Other FAQ's include:

• 1.25" tourmaline + ceramic barrel • 2 speed settings • 1 hour auto shut off (always a nice feature to have!) • 8.5 ft. 360º swivel cord (yaaaas!) Quick side note: this sucker heats up FAST! So fast that I didn't think it was heating up and my dubs ass decided to touch the barrel like a curious 3 year old. DON'T DO THAT. I know, I know, I should know better! With that being said, handle this gadget with extreme care ;-)


 I don't need to tell you about sectioning off your hair right? Great. Y'all know how to do that! 1. After parting my hair down the middle and twisting one side up out of the way, I clamped a 1in section of hair and glided the iron to the ends 2. Then I pressed the "go" button and twisted my wrist away from my face to activate the rotating barrel. I then released after holding for about 30-45 seconds 3. I continued this process until my entire head was curled I was going for loose waves so my temperature settings weren't too high and I didn't use hairspray or anything like that. Personally, when my hair is straightened I don't like to use that stuff. For a night out or an event, you can definitely use a holding spray so your curls/waves stay in tact throughout the night.

Honestly, I'm not that great (anymore) at using a curling iron without getting that dreadful clamp indent so I had to do a few sections over. I had to get really close to the ends of my hair and slowly turn manually before hitting the GO button to active the barrel.

Is it easy to use? Yes. Not going to lie, it took me minute to figure out the speed and temperature settings! It's gets a little too hot for my taste, but that's a personal thing. Once I did get the hang of it, it was easy peasy. I definitely need to keep practicing with it.

The T3 Micro Twirl360 is a well-made beautiful tool. Yes, I said beautiful. It's a sight! White with gold details...c'mon now! And this was the finished look. What do you think? Let me know in the comments your thoughts!

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you found this review useful.

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