Target Two Piece Outfit


Does this top look familiar?  Let's take a lil trip down Memory Lane shall we?

[ 1st Look: LACE BACK TOP // 2nd Look: WIDE LEG PANTS ]

While shopping for my niece's 1st Birthday gift at Target I came across this cute top.  I loved it immediately and was beyond excited when I saw it had matching pants. It was a no brainer that I could wear each piece separately numerous ways, in addition to together (obviously). Besides, it was ridiculously affordable, and...WTF (why the f*ck) not?!

I'm drawn to pieces that have a lifespan.  Versatility and comfort are key to me at the moment.  Finding this Target two piece outfit made my day that day! Don't you get excited when things like that happen?

Let me tell you what I don't like happening...not getting sleep.  For some reason the BF couldn't sleep Friday night which in turn meant that I couldn't rest properly.  Not to mention that when his a** gets up at 4:45/5AM, every movement is like at 100 and every light is turned on, and the volume on the TV is on so loud that the entire neighborhood can tune in too.  Freaking men! Going back to sleep has always been difficult for me so I was up at 5:15 and didn't go back to bed until around 3 AM (Sunday morning).  In the previous post I mentioned my cousin is moving to FL so I went back to LI to help her pack and spend some time with her & my god-daughter.  Then I was awoken by some weird noises outside my window so I was wide awake by 6AM and didn't hit the cama until after 1 so, needless to say, getting out of bed this morning was b-r-u-t-a-l! Ugh.  And tonight will be another late night :(

Any who my people, hope you liked this post and now have some ideas for wearing matching two piece sets as separates!

Xo ♥