Fabulous #NeutrogenaHair: Triple Moisture Hair Line Review


Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and NEUTROGENA®. All words and images are my own and my genuine opinion.

Growing up I was very self-conscious about my hair. Rarely did I wear my natural curly hair. My mom even used to get my sister's and I hair relaxed so it was more manageable and straight.  As I got older I began to embrace and be proud of my curly, crazy hair.

I am going to show you two ways to use the Neutrogena Triple Moisture hair line so you too can embrace the hidden versatility that your hair provides, all while producing healthy and beautiful hair.

STEP 1: 

In the shower, I wash my hair with the Triple Moisture Cream Lather Shampoo  and then condition with the Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner. I also carefully detangle may hair at this point which is much easier with the conditioner.

STEP 2:  Next I apply the Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask, put my hair in a bun and use a clear shower cap.  The directions said to leave on for 3 to 5 minutes but I don't think I left it on for at least 3 so I will definitely leave this on longer next time.

STEP 3:  Since my hair is so curly it gets tangled very quickly so I parted my hair down the middle and combed it out again. Curly hair tends to break easily so I really take my time and am super gentle.

STEP 4 & 5: In case you didn't know, curly hair is also naturally drier than other textures,  add the fact that my hair is color treated so it's incredibly dry.  I applied the Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream to my hair from the roots and concentrated on my tips. I especially love that this is alcohol free and is for extra dry hair cause I sure as heck need it!

As I said earlier, I really appreciate my curls. I mean, God blessed me with this hair that people pay hundred of dollars to have.  Why not feel confident and beautiful with that?! Don't get me wrong, there are moments that I feel segura when my hair is straight. And for that reason, here are two options.

STEP 6:  I work the Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream, using my fingers to separate and style my hair as is.  I wanted to see if this alone would do so I didn't add any other product like mousse or gel, like I normally would.

STEP 7:  The other option is to straighten. This is a ridiculously long process for me!  I part my hair in the middle, put one side in a bun (usually the right), grab a section of hair from the back of the left side, put the remainder of hair in a bun, and get to the 2 + hours of blow drying my hair straight.

CURLY:  I was pleasantly surprised that my hair still looked good with just the leave-in conditioner.  I'm so paranoid of looking crazy if I don't put "enough product" to tame it.  My curls were soft and full.  At night I left it out loose, didn't bother to tie it as usual and the next day my hair looked so good! The curls were still in tact and all I had to do was put just a little bit more of the leave-in conditioner.

STRAIGHT: After straightening my hair I usually put some sort of shine serum in because, again, I have it in my head that I need more product to achieve something, in this case, a healthy shine. This time I didn't do that because .... I didn't need to!  I admit I could've blow dried my hair a bit better, pero, it still looked good. Soft, shiny, and flowy, with  just the right amount of volume.

This line is one I'd recommend for anyone with dry hair as it's very moisturizing.  And if you got curls, the  Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Creamis a must!

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