Visiting the Intrepid Museum

This past weekend was eventful as I celebrated my 3 year anniversary with the novio. It kicked off with a surprise  90 minute jet skiing session that was so incredibly fun and scary at the same time. I had never jet skied before and at first I wanted him to drive the entire time.  Mid-way through though, we changed seats and I was in charge, and boy did I love it!! I must admit, I was pretty good too!

Sunday we went to visit the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum at Pier 86.  I had gone there before but for a school trip and that was dam near a decade ago, so, this was like a new introduction.

Let's face it ladies, we always want too look good wherever we go but comfortable too. I failed on the latter with my outfit. So after my boyfriend gave me a crash course tour in the unpredictable and unusually confined spaces we'd be walking through, well ..I decided to do you all a favor and give you some tips!

Here's what you should know if you're planning on visiting the Intrepid museum on a hot, humid, summer day.

Footwear It is very likely that you'll be waiting on line for awhile so you want to go for your most comfortable shoe ever. Heels, platform, wedges etc are not what you want on your feet. Something open toe so your feet can breathe is good, but I'd go for sneakers or slip ons, something with a good sole.  The solid metal platform of the ship gets really hot with the incessant sun making contact so watch out for that.

Dress ... Comfortable! Lightweight, breathable material that doesn't get sticky and that dries quick (because you'll be sweating) is the way to go. You'll be going up and down very steep stairs along with a whole city of people right behind you, if you don't feel comfortable showing your butt cheeks then I recommend you wear a nice long summery dress so that you don't have to worry about someone placing their face right on your posterior (unless you like that kinda stuff jajaja).

Alsoif you do wear a long dress, it should be flexible enough to allow you to raise your legs at least 2 feet off the ground as you will encounter some interesting nautical structures designed to increase pressure and conserve space inside these colossal machinery built for war ie: very narrow.

Avoid clothing that will get caught on nobs and buttons! As mentioned above, you'll be going through some super tight areas and these vessels have tons of oddly placed nobs, buttons, levers etc.

Skin Protection There will be direct contact with them rays! Make sure you apply sunscreen ;-) And avoid leaning on metal surfaces, they're so hot you can fry an egg on them.

Travel Light This means a small purse. Keep it simple y'all!!

Hair / Accessories Bun it, put the hair up! Sunglasses and a cute floppy hat or fedora.

Have you ever been to the Intrepid? What was your experience like?

Thanks so much for visiting! Xo