How To Wear A Moto Jacket: Outfit #2


Earlier this one I showed you one way to wear the must-have moto jacket.  In today's post, I'll be showing you another.  Let's take a look at outfit #2...

I got this dress before summer for summer for only like $10.  It's one of those cuts that shows every single detail, curve, line etc.  I thought "wtf am I going to wear under this thing!?"and it just came to me all of a sudden to wrap the shirt around my waist.  That way it covers the chichos (tummy/rolls) and my a**, problem solved! And that is how this second moto jacket outfit came about.  As you can see throwing the jacket over a dress or skirt is an edgy, city, chic look. The possibilities truly are endless.

Hope you liked this look and have some inspiration to create more versatile outfits with the moto jacket!

See how I wore the flannel shirt here. See the first look featuring this moto jacket here.
Xo ♥