A Little Edge


Bringing you a little edge today...

As I was getting ready to head back to LI for lunch with  my girl, not finding anything to wear (even though I got a whole closet full of clothes), I came across this t-shirt.  Got it like, a year ago, and figured: why not rock it now? Don't ask me why it took me over  a year to wear it, it's a bad habit of mine.

A bit of faux leather always adds a little something special, a little edginess....

And boyfriends jeans...can you really go wrong with ripped boyfriends? (I mean that literally too hahaha).

The changes and frustrations is my life are being personified via my style.  That's better than punching someone right?  I finished reading #GIRLBOSS (review coming soon!) and it reignited the fire in my a**.  I needed it too.  Life's too short to not follow your dreams and I'm surely not one for denying them either; #dreamchaser all the way baby!

What about you, ever notice a shift is style depending on your mood?  I think it's only natural.