Maxi Skirt Approach To Life


Happy Hump Day Love Bugs!

The past several days have been manic.  I spent the weekend in LI with my boyfriends family since his parents were moving back to Ecuador.  In other words, girlfriend duties called and I had to respond LOL!

The craziest news made its way to me over the last few days as well.  Like, do I need to know that two of my exes are now married and have (had) babies on the way?!  You can't help but feel a lil something in your gut when you hear something like that.  I'm not married or pregnant so the comparison bell goes off and there's really no need for it.  Anyone else relate??

 We all have different paths in life. Who knows what the future holds? So why get hung up on the past or what could've been??

Maxi skirts (in my book) are to be approached the way life should be: carefree, fluid, and in the moment, if that makes any sense. I love wearing maxi skirts.  They're the perfect work to post work event piece and I'm much more comfortable in them than a shorter length.  Although, I do have this weird fear of someone stepping on it and it slipping down revealing my a**.  Ha! My thoughts are a bit much, but I've had series of embarrassing moments.

What do you think about my maxi skirt approach to life?