Best Lipsticks for Olive Skin

Makeup is something that I get gifted A LOT. Which is great because sometimes it's higher end products that I've always wanted to try and didn't have to spend the $$ on LOL. My lipstick game was pretty weak; I was a lip liner, gloss type of chick. But now? fugetaboutit! Finding the right shade for your complexion is key for any shade of lip product you get.If you happen to have olive skin tone, like me, then I've done the work for you (ju welcome ;-) ). Below are the best lipsticks for olive skin; low and high end.

the best lipsticks pinterest.png



Shopping for lipsticks can be tricky when you can't test it out. I rarely return lip products, I just make it work by mixing it with another color, gloss, or my go-to....lip liner. Yup, works every time! Currently, I'm having a moment with matte lipsticks. NYX and Wet n' Wild are two of my favorite brands that I love to stock up on.

What are your go-to brands for lipstick?