The Most Comfortable Tribal Print Pants

 There's nothing like an annoying uncomfortable feeling when it come to clothes.  You know what I'm talking! Hot weather = sticky + yucky and don't even get me started on itchy materials.

These tribal print pants are the most comfortable articles of clothing I own.  I felt like I was in my pj's all day. No sticky, yucky, itchy drama going on here!

The colors and print means that I'll get several outfits out of them. Which is what you want when shopping, something that you can envision wearing 3 or four different ways.  That's how you maximize your closet.

Now I warn you, these nude pumps may appear on the blog so much you'll wonder "does she own another freaking pair?!" And the answer to that is no, not really.  These really are the only comfortable pair of nude heels I have.  Word of the day? Comfortable.

There's no point in walking around in anything that you don't feel good in, right?