Does This #CurlyCocktail Work?


Alright, let's talk curls and curly hair product combo's, or, as I like to call them, #curlycocktail(s). Finding the right products for your curl type is a never-ending journey. Though I know what line works best for me they are quite pricey and some months the budget simply doesn't allow for it. Let's be real, you can't always spend $35+ for a bottle of hair product right? That's where your more affordable options come into play. Enter...Cantu. I discovered Cantu while on my many trips to the local drugstore. Their products are mostly under $10 and are large sizes...hello. That's what I'm talking about! I've tried their leave-in conditioner and the Coconut Curling Cream and loved them both. However, I have never tried the recommended mix of the Coconut Curling Cream followed by the Define & Shine Custard until recently. How it'd go? See below!

Did I liked both products? Yes. Did I like the results of my curls? Yes. I just CANNOT deal with white residue. Wearing a satin bonnet is essential to protecting curls and there were clumps of white product in my hair when I took it off. Uh, no thank you. Re-wetting the hair (which I did) can easily fix this but still. Will I get rid of it? Hmmm...probably not. 12 oz curly hair products for under $10 are hard to come by now-a-days! I'll just used it as a last resort (and sparingly).

Have you tried either of these products or any other from Cantu? Let me know in the comments below!