Life Lately


Life Lately: Reflecting on Acting & Blogging

And just like that, Christmas is over.  A whole new year is approaching and inevitably we begin to reflect. Honestly, I’ve been reflecting for the past few months! I can’t help it. I am a constant deep thinker. Sometimes that’s a good thing but there are times when it doesn’t serve a purpose but to drive me cuts. While I nurse this cold during my week off from filming there are so many things that pop into my head.

ABOUT 2017

I am excited for 2017 for the same reasons you probably are; eager to get a fresh start at the top of the year, accomplish what we didn’t (or couldn’t) in 2016, and just____________ (fill in the blank). There was a time I’d get hard on myself for not achieving something in the time frame I set for myself. However I’ve learned that there are some things that simple take time and limiting ourselves with strict timelines can actually be counterproductive.

Last year I was inspired to write a book and gave myself until February of this year to have a third of it written. That was quite ambitious! I didn’t realize how hard it’d be or how emotional I would get. I took “breaks” frequently that lasted for longer than I wanted. And if I’m being really honest, I just spent time doing bullsh*t instead of putting in the work. I know you know what I’m talking about! We all do it.


Then I got busy filming season 5 of OITNB and man, I can’t wait for you guys to see it! It is such a blessing but there are times when I do need to take time for myself (to do nothing) and just get centered again. I’m still shooting actually. Once I’m done pilot season (January-March) will be starting and I’ll be busy with that. I am so excited for pilot season though. Something about it has me really hyped! I mean, I usually always am but it’s just different this time around.

Since shooting can be so taxing I am really looking forward to get back to writing the book, get into a blogging rhythm, because it does take a back seat while filming, and just be open to what comes my way. Remaining open is just as important as setting goals for ourselves. Opportunities we never dreamed of might arise and while it wasn’t on your agenda it doesn’t mean that it’s something you have to turn down.


When it comes to blogging the industry has changed so much it’s hard to tell what direction it’s going in. My mindset for it is different because it had to be; I have other responsibilities that take priority sometimes. It’s difficult for me to be so engaged on social media like I used to be. I know it comes with the territory and it’s important but like, it’s not that  important compared to the very real issues our society is faced with. So I step away from it a lot because it can be so consuming, competitive, and makes you feel like you have to “keep up” which makes you feel like you have to spend money.

And this girl right here is trying to save my coins! And while it will be a numbers driven industry for a long time I still standby quality over quantity; quality posts, quality followers, quality engagement. Since the Instagram algorithm change I have seen a significant decline in engagement and followers. At first this bothered me but now I appreciate it because I rather weed out those that truly don’t care for my content or fit my brand. Because what’s the point of having tons of followers if they aren’t even engaging with you right?! I think (hopefully) this will be something brands will take into account when deciding which bloggers to partner with. That would totally change the game. But until then it’s business as usual.


Regardless of where you are in your personal life, career etc. just remember to not be too hard on yourself. You’re doing the best you can and that’s all anyone can really ask for. Stay focused, work hard, take some “me time” and get up the next day with the intention of being better than the day before. That’s how you move forward. That’s how you make sh*t happen. You just keep trying.

xo ♥