Double Slit Maxi - #Periscope + #SnapChat


It's FRI-YAY!!! Are you guys ready/excited for the long weekend?? Shoot, I know I am! Before I get into this fab double slit maxi .... an update:

I finally joined SnapChat (ay, ay, ay!) and plan to start snapping away this weekend, SO, be sure to follow me! Username is scriptsofflair. Having two separate accounts for every social media platform (1. personal/acting & 2. blog related) gets to be extremely annoying after awhile. So I decided that my snap account will be about my life; that means my acting, blogging, bts peeks into my very varied get the drill. Everything in one place. Ahhhh, relief! lol. With that being said, I'm also going to start using #Periscope soon too! When it first came out I knew I'd like so much more than SnapChat, it just fit more with my personality. I've been ADDICTED and can't get enough! I love that it's connected to your Twitter account, and since I have two, it'll be easy to use both. If you're not using #Periscope, start! Even if it's just to watch people's scopes. There is so much great content that people are sharing. Follow both my accounts: @scriptsofflair and @MiriamMMorales for some awesome stuff :D.

I love the spontaneity of it. Remember how I was planning on relaunching my YouTube channel? Yea, well, life happened and it's still just sitting there. Creating content for YT requires time, dedication, and editing. With my crazy schedule I was worried about being inconsistent and irrelevant if I got a video up late. With #Periscope I can just go LIVE and start talking! No editing required. Yaaas honey :-).  If you're using the scope, leave your username in the comments so I can follow you!

Okay, now on to the outfit!

Alright, how pretty is this double slit maxi skirt?! During one of my many trips to Target I spotted it and had to have it. I love the paisley print and the two slits in the front? Um hello, perfect for a hot summer day! It has another layer underneath so it's not transparent. Thank GOD! I already had the grey cami (another Target find) and instantly envisioned wearing it with the skirt and a denim vest. Adding a denim jacket or vest is my go-to for adding a lil casual edge. Love it!
x ♥