Fall Neon


Oh yea! My faaaaaavorite season is here! But, before I break out the cute boots, thick scarves and warm cardigans, I figured I'd squeeeeeeze in some bright colors. I call this my take on how to wear fall neon colors.

Of course I love the brown, orange, red and tan hues during this time of year but I also think a little pop of color gives a nice splash.

And shiny pointy oxfords do the trick too! These are quite the statement maker if I do say so myself.

Is it just me or is time just moving so freakiiiiiiiiing fast!?  I feel like Christmas is right around the corner!

So, although I had this sweater and bag for, oh I don't know, about a year, I just started wearing them. I don't know why I take so long to wear new clothes sometimes but I'm trying to break that habit.  Am I alone in that? lol.

Way back when I did a post specifically on how to incorporate neon colors into your wardrobe.  This is one way to accomplish that without being too over the top. It's subtle and if wearing neon in a solid color isn't your thing, then an accessory like this bag is another way to go.

Hope you liked this look :-)
Xo ♥