Leather Accents


The weekend brought us some peek-a-boo high temps huh? I wish I could've enjoyed the warmer weather but somehow I managed to jack up my ankle and spent the weekend icing it.  Oh joy...

However, being a homebody wasn't so bad (I'm such a HB anyway!), I caught up on personal stuff, worked on posts like this one and basically, just enjoyed not doing a dam thing.

Despite the near 80° weather we are officially in sweater weather people.  And this lil number was a purchase from last year (maybe longer) from Loehmann's.  I fell in love with the leather accents and zipper details. Have I mentioned I'm really into leather, faux leather really, as of late?

I think it really adds a layer of edginess to any outfit and versatile enough for daytime wear and nighttime.

What do you guys think about leather accents?

Although it's Monday and it's the toughest day of the week to get through, that just means another week of #goaldigging.  Let's get it!

Xo ♥