Faux Suede Shearling Vest


The days seem to be going by so fast to me.  It's like I wake up, and before I know it, it's 6:48PM. WTF!? Must be the weather right? It's been cold and dreary here and it definitely makes you feel like staying indoors.

Despite the days flying by, I will say that I've been super productive! Though I have yet to settle into a "routine." I guess it'll just develop on it's own. Sometimes you can't force things to happen, you have to let go and let it unfold.  That applies to anything in life really right?

faux suede shearling vest

And speaking of just letting things happen, the same goes for styling outfits.  I've had this faux suede shearling vest for almost 2 years and I always envisioned it with grey boots, and BOOM! It just came together last minute. The vest (any really) are one of my favorite layering pieces for colder temps.  It really does it's job of keeping you from freezing your a** off while looking street chic.

Hope you guys liked this look!

Xo ♥