Styling Gingham + Why Being Impatient Can Be A Good Thing


I swear I had no intentions of being away for this long! Unfortunately I was experiencing some weird shenanigans on the backend that prevented me from doing anything.

After several calls with my hosting provider I grew frustrated as they said it can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to resolve depending on the severity of it. Of course I waited a full 48 hours before following up! After not hearing anything from them I called again. This time though they said it could take a few weeks because security was backed up. Que, que!? Um no.

So after not being able to log in at all I did some research and came across some threads discussing the very issue I was having. A part of me was happy that I wasn't the only one. However, another part was also annoyed. I immediately lost patience with waiting for my hosting to get back to me with a green light. Even if they could help I refused to wait so long and after reading all those threads it became clear that hosting could do very little.

I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't tempted to figure it out on my own. I'm obsessive like that.  I like to dig and dig and dig and get to the root of something. But I also knew I wasn't that familiar with code and all that other jazz to fix it and I definitely did not want to make the situation worse. What did I do? Emailed my designer the links to the threads with the hopes that she could help.

My designer is a genius! Turns out that there was a lot more going on (contrary to what my hosting was saying) but she was able to resolve the issue.  I am so thankful for her! She's working on a mini face-lift for the blog and I can't wait to show you guys! Now, patience truly is a virtue and I can be patient and all, but don't get me wrong, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Having the discernment on when and if you should take action is the key of course.

Hey, at least I waited 48 hours right? Technically it was more though including the weekend pero...we won't focus on that! ;-)

Xo ♥