Favorite Curly Hairstyles You Must Try


Now that my hair is considerably shorter and the curl pattern different, I've had to learn new ways to take care of and style my hair. I have a few favorite curly hairstyles I like to do on my own hair but wanted more ideas. Although it shouldn't be that much of a surprise, I am sad to say that I was so disappointed in the search query for curly hairstyles! With the exception of curly hair bloggers, Google (and all the other search engines) need to step up their game and catch up with the rest of the world. Brown girls have curly hair too and we deserve to see people that look like us show up in search results!

But I digress. This post isn't a rant. I wanted to highlight a few celebrities that shamelessly flaunt their naturally curly hair. Some of these hairstyles I've done myself while others I need some practice on (ie. braiding). Once my natural hair is 100% back in I can't wait to try a bunch of different styles on my hair. Check out my faves!


Wearing your curly hair in this style is the best of both worlds when you can't decided between wearing your hair up or down. The top knot can be messy or neat, like Gabby's. Since it's right in the middle her beautiful loose curls start high and frame her face nicely.  If you're transitioning like I am, pull your hair up from the sides into the top knot to hide the difference in texture.

MESSY BUN/UP DO :: GUGU MBATHA RAW [image via popsuger]

A messy up-do is a favorite of mine because it works great for casual and more elegant occasions. Adding a hair accessory like a headband is a great way to "dress up" your curls. It's carefree, effortless, and shows off the curls while emphasizing your face. Gugu is one of those actors that wearing her natural quite a bit and I love getting ideas from her.

LOOSE (W/A TWIST) :: LAURIE HERNANDEZ [image via huffpost]

First of all, how freakn' adorable is Laurie!? Ugh, just love her. Of course, wearing your hair out in all it's glory is always an option. To switch it up add a few mini twists or braids to one side like Laurie did. It adds some flava to the look and is super cute too, like the Boricua gymnast.

LOW MIDDLE PART PONYTAIL :: THANDIE NEWTON [image via instyle magazine]

If you want a no fuss and quick hairstyle, this low middle part ponytail is the way to go. When I saw this pic of Thandie (another actor who frequently wears her natural) I just loved it. The parted hair is not slicked down which allows for its texture to shine. A low ponytail is chic and with the curls flowing in the back, you can wear statement earrings to make the look pop even more. Love, love, love.

These curly hairstyles are just a few of the many that you can do on your hair. For more ideas, think of someone that frequently wears their hair natural and Google images of them. This is especially helpful if you have an upscale event to go to and don't want to use heat and/or straigten your hair. The mere notion that natural hair is a no-no at these types of events is ridiculous and sadly, it's reinforced by the media. Don't fall into that trap. Proudly rock your curls!