Grey Dress + Slip-On Sneakers


Is it absurd for me to be anxiously anticipating fall?

Maybe I'm "over" the summer because I didn't do much in terms of really enjoying it; no bbq's, trips to the beach, rooftop parties etc. Ya know, the typical NYC summer to-do's lol. No, I was too busy hunkering down and working. But I'm not complaining because it's exactly the work I want! :-)

However I've been doing something I've always wanted to do: playing tourist in my city. When I think of all the places and activities people from all over the world come to New York City to see and experience, and I'm here just like, hustling throughout my day, barely taking a makes you feel kind of unappreciative.

And unappreciative is not a sentiment I'm proud of. So for my anniversary weekend we spent the day on the New York Water Taxi, an amazing all-day access pass with incredible views of New York's landmarks and so much more.

You can basically get on or off at any of the stops but we decided to start at the very beginning, Pier 79 at W 39th St. We then went down to Christoper Street, Battery Park - Slip 6, Pier 11 - Slip A, Pier 1 - Dumbo (my fav), and Red Hook Dock. The views are incredible! I especially loved seeing the Statue of Liberty while the sun was setting. So beautiful. We got off at Dumbo during our first trip and got something to eat and got right back on for two more tours. I did mention it's an all-day pass right?! Gotta take advantage.

If you're visiting New York, or live in the surrounding area, then I highly recommend you take in the sights via the New York Water Taxi.

I knew being on a boat it'd get chilly so I thought it was the perfect day to wear this grey sleeveless with pockets waist dress from Romwe. The material is a bit thick and warm enough to wear out on the water. The quilted leather sneakers, quilted bag, and faux leather hat was an unplanned yet perfectly coordinated accessory moment. Gotta love those!

Hope you guys liked this lil outfit :-) Have a good one!