Citron + Using What You Got


With so many changes and unknowns that can surround you at any given moment it's easy to become crippled by the circumstances. For me? I'm trying not to let this see, I used to get stuck in the "I don't have _____(fill in the blank) and therefore would let that teeny tiny reason (aka lies I told myself) prohibit me from doing something. Don't get me wrong, I still have my moments when this happens but for the most part, I'm using what I got. Listen, I may not have a lot but I sure as hell am gonna use what I got to make sh*t happen. That's the lesson here peeps. I think most of the time we hold ourselves back because we think we're lacking or missing something. And while that might be true that doesn't mean you can't use whatever resources you DO have access to in order to make moves. Think about it: is there something you want to do but for some reason feel you can't? Ask yourself why and then let it go. Think about what you do have or what you can do to help make that goal a reality.

The best example I can give is with fitness/weight loss.I don't care what anyone says but to be healthy costs money. And when you're on a ridiculously tight budget this can be very difficult. Unfortunately we live in a world where you can get a burger, fries and a drink for under $5 but a salad will cost you over $12. Where's the logic in that!? Despite this fact, eating healthy and living a balanced life is possible. You just have to use what you got. There are times I wish I could take unlimited yoga and cycling classes, buy organic all the time, buy whatever new workout program is the latest craze, but I can't. I shop according to my budget and try not to let the excuse of money be a reason NOT to get fit. That means working out at home or at the gym I'm paying for, and only buying foods that should be bought organically (yes it's a thing). Oh, and not eating out as much .... totally guilty on that one! :-/

Yall understand what I'm trying to say right? Good! And on that same note of using what you got the same goes for clothes. I've been getting rid of a lot more stuff and using, even though slowly, things that have been in my closet for over 2 this top. Listen, we all gotta start somewhere right? LOL. And I had to wear this fly statement necklace from Happiness Boutique asap. Usually it takes me awhile to wear stuff but I knew this style would really pop against the citron yellow top. Guys, invest in statement pieces!

Let me know in the comments below what's on your "using what I got" list!