Basic Tips to Styling Camo


Ladies, I just wanna ask, why are men such ungrateful f*ckers? Whether you're in a relationship (married/engaged) or not, I'm sure at some point you've encountered a wave of this annoying frustrating behavior from the human with a penis. WTF!? It's like they're oblivious to the many things, the super hero multitasking skills, that us women must be efficient at. It's like a switch went off in their teeny tiny brains and they magically forgot how to do something so simple: be fucking gratefulAh....breathe....

Alright, let's move on. I just had to vent a lil! We all need those moments of dumping our emotions sorta like an emotional cleanse, a mini one. Who can relate?

Turtleneck (similar) & Faux Leather Pants (similar): F21 // Camo Jacket: Banana Republic (similar) // Studded Beanie: Asos (cute style here)

I scored this camo jacket during a very random trip to Banana Republic and it was on mega sale...had to have it. It runs a little big but I like to be comfortable in my outerwear and have enough room for layering and wearing thick sweaters. Anything camo or army green is a must for me; I love the color that much. When wearing this print I like to keep everything else simple and basic so all black was a no brainer and this studded beanie added a nice flair to keep the overall look from being too basic.