The Ultimate Beauty Arsenal



When it comes to your beauty/skin care regimen I'm sure the tools you use are of the utmost importance; I know it is for me. Having the right accessories can have a big impact on the overall appearance of your skin. Today I'm sharing with you theKleenex Facial Cleansing kit aka the ultimate beauty arsenal and your one stop shop.

ultimate beauty arsenal Kleenex Facial Cleansing
ultimate beauty arsenal Kleenex Facial Cleansing

The new line includes the following products:

• Exfoliating Cushions(and refills)

• Facial Cleansing Wipes

• Cotton Soft Pads

• Eye Makeup Removers

• Shine Away Sheets

Every product in the Kleenex® Facial Cleansing collection provides simplicity in caring for your skin in an efficient and convenient manner, helping to reveal natural radiance. If you have very oil skin then you'll love the Shine Away Sheets. They absorb excess oil without disrupting your makeup. I love having these handing while filming as I tend to get extra shiny. The Facial Wipes (you know I love wipes!) I use at night to remove makeup before actually washing my face. I feel like this step helps to get rid of the makeup a lot faster. And even if I'm not wearing makeup the wipes are still great for quickly removing dirt and oil while still leaving you feeling refreshed.

Also, I love the Eye Makeup Removers! There are moist and didn't irritate my eyes which tends to be the case for me with other eye makeup removers. I use one pad for each eye and it does the job...all of it gone.

Once my face is clean it's time to use my beloved toner. I find that using cotton balls tends to soak up most of the product before you get to apply it to your skin. Cotton rounds are best but I have never used a brand that I really liked. They left lint all over my face which was annoying. The Cotton Soft Pads however are a different story. They're a nice decent size (bigger than a cotton round), rectangular in shape and incredibly soft. These are so good for applying toner guys! Another great thing about them is that they're multi-purpose so you can also use them to cleanse your face, remove nail polish, or remove makeup, and are highly durable.

By now we've all heard the why's of exfoliating and the Exfoliating Cushions make this super easy (and gentle) to do. Use it with your favorite facial cleanser or exfoliator (like I do) to get deep down into removing impurities from your pores and getting rid of dead skin. I think this is one product you'll really love. It'll leave your skin looking polished, clean, and bright.

As someone that pays particular attention to design the packaging is not only pretty, but smart and functional. There are refills for each product so you never have to throw away the package. I love this aspect. And don't think for one second that this is just for women (minus the eye makeup removers). My boyfriend loves the Facial Cleansing Wipes, Cotton Soft Pads, and Exfoliating Cushions; I'm hiding the Shine Away Sheets because I know he will steal them from me LOL.

The Kleenex® Facial Cleansing products are extremely affordable too and you can't beat that! And now for some good news: YOU can try the Exfoliating Cushions ... YAY! :-) Take advantage and treat yo'self to a free sample but hurry because this exclusive offer expires on March 31st, 2016 so DON'T MISS OUT! You won't find these products anyone so be sure to visit Kleenex to get your shop on.

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