"It" Piece: The Long Line Vest


If you're going to purchase something anytime soon just make sure it's the it piece of the season a.k.a. the long line vest. I told y'all I was obsessed and I wasn't kidding.

I picked this bad boy out from SheIn because I've been wanting a camel/khaki one, this is more on the pink side, but that's ok. It's still a great style and layering item. Though I love belts I chose to forego it this time.

Monochromatic is the way to go with pieces like this. It keeps everything streamlined and polished looking. Confession: I very rarely get dressed any more. No like, seriously, after the gym I come home, shower, and throw on sweats and a tee. Unless I have to go somewhere that is my every day go-to outfit. Keepn it easy and comfortable ya know?

On this day though my boyfriend wanted to take me to lunch, so I had to take advantage and get a lil dolled up.

See what I mean about the sleeveless vest? This one is a bit on the thin side but get yourself a thicker one and you're set! I just love them. All I need is a gray vest and my mini collection is complete.
Hope you liked this outfit & thanks for stopping by xo ♥