The perfect duster coat for any stylish outfit


Ladies, let's get real for a sec. Ever get dressed with a "hot" outfit in mind?

But then you realize (once you look in the mirror) it ain't working for ya? Yea, that was me on this day. It was one of those things that played out so much better in my mind but in reality looked a hot mess LMAO! Just keeping it real. All I could think was: dayummmm, I need me some gray shoes. Hey it happens.

The latest trend has been the extra long vest, cardigan, duster coat etc, and I'm really diggin it. At barely 5 ft. everything looks super long on me anyway and honestly, I think this fashion trend is perfect right now for fall style. And clearly I couldn't wait to wear this gray long coat (with pockets!) from Forever 21. Have I mentioned they've really stepped up their outerwear game? #lovingit

Gray still has my lil heart, the forgotten neutral is having a moment too, and I'm happy it's getting some love.

This past week was extremely rough! I was in a mental and emotional funk that was pretty hard to get out of. Anyone else get like that? ARGH! It sucks! I didn't mean to be away from the blog for that long but when those moments hit, it's necessary to take time for yourself ya know?

Anyway, hope yall liked this look! xo ♥