Casual Sweater Dress


Is it really December already?! Am I the only one feeling like this year went by incredibly fast?

I tend to get really pensive during this time. I go over everything that's happened during the year, what I've accomplished, what I haven't, who passed away, who I chose not to associate myself with .... it can get heavy, it can get sad. I'm trying my best to NOT get down and hard on myself. I'm choosing HAPPINESS, because every day when we wake up we have a CHOICE in how we feel and how we approach life. Is it easy? Hell no! But I'm trying! :-)

What I wear is a reflection of how I'm feeling, what my mood is. Though I typically gravitate towards darker colors this time of year I've been digging more the neutral shades now. When I saw this casual sweater dress from SheIn I loved the light beige shade and oversized fit. Perfect for layering and playing with contrasting textures and prints.

I knew this denim jacket and floral print scarf would be ideal additions to elevate this casual look. And since I'm so short, ankle booties were the way to go to elongate my legs. When it comes to petite style it can be tricky but once you know your body type you'll know what works and what doesn't. It's a "light" look and though I've had some pits lately I was aiming for some buoyancy here lol.

I hope you guys liked this somewhat urban bohemian style outfit!

And remember to always smile through the good days but also the not so good ones. Have a blessed day luvs xo ♥