Sunday Funday: Matinee & Brunch


Monday! Here you are again! why does the weekend go by so freakn fast!? This weekend a special ritual revived itself.

The boyfriend and I used to go to the movies every Sunday (matinee) and then to brunch.  That was our thing. We stopped due to, ya know, life stuff lol. But yesterday we went back to our ritual. He recently completed what is known in the cycling arena as a century ride, basically 100 miles. It was also our 3 year 3 month anniversary on Friday so we celebrated both by catching a matinee show of Birdman, and brunching at our spot,  Frida Cafe.

Birdman was amazing by the way! Being an actor and all, I related to it so much and on varying levels.

Good thing we snapped outfit pics right after we ate because I ended up spilling a latte all over my coat, pants and booties. Some even went inside my booties and socks. Yuck! I spent 45 min on the train smelling like a dam latte! Well,  I guess that's better than smelling like sh*t right!? Lol.

In other news, I picked up Jennifer Lopez's book, "True Love," and I'm really enjoying it so far. Any one else currently reading it?

True Love_Jennifer Lopez
True Love_Jennifer Lopez

Hope you have a great one!
Xo ♥