How To Wear Old Navy Flannel Popover


There's weird auroa in the air on this Hump Day.  I don't know how to explain it, can't really say it's negative or positive. Just weird. Anyone else feeling like this?

This is a short and sweet post because boy did my schedule get jam packed out of nowhere! But I can't complain because I love being busy doing the things I love.

Sunday was spent enjoying the lovely weather in Brooklyn. I don't what part of BK I was in, but I liked it! lol.  It was the perfect fall weather, not too cool and not too warm.  This Old Navy flannel popover is my new favorite shirt and was the ideal top to wear that day. Soft and comfy. And I got it on sale! SCORE!

Now it's time for me to prep my scene for my class tomorrow and an audition.  Wish me luck!

Xo ♥