Two-Tone Faux Fur Vest


Rocking fall-ish colors is something I tend to do, albeit unintentionally.

I had been eyeing this two-tone faux fur vest from Forever 21 for awhile but it was sold out :-( Then one day over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend I received an email that it was back in stock.

There was no debate of course on whether or not to get it, I got on it ASAP and placed my order.  I tried entering a promo code and all that jazz but this baby was not on sale and that was ok. Besides, I had waited long enough for it!

The shades and my new hair color matched it (and the background) perfectly. Speaking of hair, after much internal debating I finally decided to cut trim my hair and have it be one color.  I took advantage while I was out on LI last month and went to my hairstylist.  She had given me this gorgeous chocolate brown color years ago and that's what I wanted. Luckily she remembered it! I wanted something dark but not black and this is like "my" color.  The ends of my hair were so unhealthy and was in desperate need of some TLC. It's not that short (I admit I freaked out when I first saw it), with the layers it definitely appears that way, and my pony tail is so tiny!  But I do love how much healthier it is.

I should have worn leggings with this look instead of these suddenly loose chino pants, but, whatever, next time!  I love faux fur vests because they're such great layering pieces. I have a grayish-black one and wanted something in the cognac/brown/tan family and now I finally do. Success! :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Xo ♥