Vidal Sassoon Pro Series - Hair Review


Growing up there were a few staples that to this day, when I here or see them, it brings back some childhood memories. Vidal Sassoon is one of them. Everyone in my family, aunts, uncles, my mom used the line.  So you can imagine how I excited I was to test out the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series.  We're talking hair care today people!

If there's something I dread the most it's straightening my hair. It literally takes me a little over 2 hours from start to finish.  However I noticed my routine was a tad shorter than usual after using these 3 products.

I started with the Vidal Sassoon Moisture Shampoo to wash my hair and followed with the Vidal Sassoon Moisture Conditioner. Both smell so amazing! I didn't think the samples would be enough for my hair but I was wrong.  The shampoo lathers up really well and the conditioner smoothed out my hair, making it silky and easy to comb through.

Curly hair is naturally very dry and the pro series shampoo and conditioner definitely helped add in extra moisture.

Before starting the mission of straightening my hair I sprayed the Vidal Sassoon Repair Spray Heat Protect & Shine starting at my tips and worked my way up, avoiding the scalp/roots as per the directions.  I would add a little bit more as I dried certain sections that I felt needed it.  Using a heat protectant prior to applying any kind of heat to your hair is extremely important.  Like I said, curls are already dry, no need to make it worse!

Once I was finished blow drying I was extremely happy with how my hair turned out.  It was shiny, soft and looked healthy for once!. For the next few days I used the spray even when touching up parts of my hair and it's seriously one of the best heat protectant sprays I've used in a really long time.

I love how my hair looks and feels!  Thank God the bottle I received was a generous amount because I'm sure I'll be using the heck out of it!

So, if you're looking to switch up the hair products in your routine, give the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series a try.  I'm sure you won't be disappointed!