Weekend Attire


My weekend attire usually consists of stylish yet realistic outfits.  I'm pretty busy during the week so weekends are for the things I couldn't get to, like, grocery shopping, organizing my closet, ya know, stuff like that. And while getting ready to hit up Trader Joe's I pulled out a favorite item that I haven't worn in awhile.

This camo jacket...ay, I have such a love-hate for it lol.  Well I don't really hate it per say,  I'm just really freakn broad and anything too snug around the shoulders is annoyingly uncomfortable lol. But it's cute right?

And you can't beat a basic grey tee.  It goes with everything and it's so comfortable too.

Oh hey there wedge sneakers!  I love these, I don't know why I don't wear them as much because they're seriously one of my favorite pairs of shoes...I mean, sneakers! These give me some height without compromising my feet (or myself) from feeling comfy.

Just so you know I'm big into reworking what I've got in my closet so nothing I'm wearing is new.  Everything is at least a year old (maybe more lol) but when you're on a tight budget you gotta make it work! Hope you guys liked this off duty look!

What does your weekend attire consist of?
Xo ♥