How To Wear White In Winter


How to wear white in winter can be a tricky thing for some. Heck, wearing white PERIOD freaks people out sometimes. Especially if you can be a bit of a clutz like me. I personally think that finding a pair of white pants (jeans or dress) are very difficult. They're usually too see-through and who the heck wants to show their panties (or cheeks) to the world?! Yes, wearing white can be a conundrum, but, it's definitely do-able!

It's important that the fabric is thick enough to not give peeps a free show, if ya know what I mean. And if the pants show a little, then make sure your top is long enough to cover your backside. Lately, I've been loving white on white. A pop of color or print look best with this monochromatic look. In this case, I wore these moto pants from Banana Republic (yes again) which I love because they're corduroy.

My newly gifted cowl neck sweater from NY&Co was a perfect match for it. Cozy and long enough to cover the front and back. Wearing white as a base or simply incorporating it into your look in the form of a blazer, white button down, bag or shoes are one of the many ways you can wear white in winter.

Would you wear white in winter?  I say try it out! You never know, you just might end up liking it.

Xo ♥