Why You Need An Accountability Partner


Here we are mid-week and I'm sure you just can't wait for the weekend right? I'm with ya. That's usually the time to unwind and have a lil fun. But if you got lots to do and oh so little time (don't we all?) then this post is for you. How do you stay on track and get sh!t done!? Life is complicated, life gets out of control sometimes, and before we know it we haven't done a dam thing.


If you don't have an accountability partner you're seriously missing out. Here's why: Thanks to mine I spent a day last week doing homework, yes homework, in bed with some lemon ginger tea and a bangin' box of macarons from Macaron Cafe NYC. Working from home/in bed is the best!

Ok, so back to my point... First of all, if you have a task/goal you want to get done but don't tell anyone about it, who the hell is going to keep you accountable? That my friends is the main reason for having an accountability partner. You need someone to check you and make sure you're not slacking. I'm not exaggerating when I said homework neither. My acting accountability partner, Marchelle (a macaron fanatic), gives me homework based on what my goals are. And these homework assignments (tasks) have deadlines too people, and I do the same for her. When we meet up face-to-face its not only a time to catch up but also gives us an opportunity to check in on one another and see if we've done our homework, see if we've progressed.

When choosing an AP (accountability partner) it's important that it be someone that you can trust, that will motivate you, and that is serious about accomplishing a goal even if it's not a shared one. That is key. I've had partners that just completely fell off the face of the planet or that weren't motivating. With that being said, decide together on a method to be in touch (text, email etc) or how frequently to meet up. Choose wisely! This is someone you should be able to vent to or pick their brain about something so they must be reliable. I can honestly tell you that having my AP for acting has helped tremendously. Marchelle takes it very seriously and I so appreciate that!

We all need a good support system and I think it's great to have multiple AP's for different areas, like for blogging (if you're a blogger) or if you're trying to lose weight (special post on this coming soon!). Having someone to share the journey with, the struggles and the triumphs, makes the entire experience so much better. Trust me. Do you have an accountability partner? How have they helped you? I want to know your experience! Share in the comments below;-)

And about these delicious macarons from Macaron Café NYC, did I mention they were delish!? I'll admit that I've never tried macarons until recently, thanks to my AP Marchelle, so I was really excited when Macaron Café sent me a box. They have nationwide shipping, including to Canada, so even if you're not in NYC you can still get your hands on a box. And they have so much more than macarons too! Check out their daily menu :-)


Hope this post was helpful and thanks so much for stopping by ♥