Asos + Forever 21 Pre-Black Friday Deals: My Top Picks

Well, it's that time of year where we'll all gather on brisk Thursday evening to wait on a long a** line to hit up major #BlackFriday deals. Right? Um....if you're like me, that's a hell no. I like to from the comfort of my home. There are so many amazing sales going on RIGHT NOW. If you're on my email list, which you should be (sign up here), then you received my H&M 60% off email on Friday. It was too good to miss and I had to share it with you all.

Gift shopping can be exhausting, aggravating (tis the season!), and expensive if not approached the right way head-on. There's a skill in online shopping and I'm here to give you a headstart. Curated just for you, below are my top picks from Asos + Forever 21 pre-Black Fridays deals. Ready to save some coins??


 Forever 21 #BlackFriday Sneak Peek - Miriam Morales Top Picks - Style Blogger 

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 Forever 21 #BlackFriday Pre-Sale - Miriam Morales - Style Blogger 

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 Best of Forever 21 Black Friday Sale - by Style Blogger Miriam Morales

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 Forever 21 Silver Oxfords  - Silver Bag - Makeup Bag Set 

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You know I'm allllll about a fab sale! And this Forever 21 Black Friday sneak peek sale is not playing! I admit I have the leopard coat in my cart...ugh!! Decisions, decisions. The green velvet blazer dress is stunning! That price point is super affordable and you'll be sure to turn heads in that lil baby.  Also, I love that the makeup bag set comes in three sizes and styles. Usually, the style is all the same in sets and I love that this one provides variety. 

Ok, so now, let's get into Asos who also has an awesome sale going on right now. I got super selective with pieces from Asos because I'm a frugal shopper, and I wanted to present you with reasonable (under $100) options. 

 Asos 60% off sale items - Pre-Black Friday Deal - Selects by Style Blogger Miriam Morales

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Have I said how much I adore dramatic sleeves? I mean, did I give you enough options LOL. This bodysuit with mesh puff sleeves is quite the statement maker! Every single one of these pieces can be worn interchangeably giving you flexibility and a lot to work with. And don't even get me started on the vinyl zip pencil skirt! Girl.... 

Alright, I think I gave yall a good chunk of items to snatch up. Stay tuned for the gift guides! #HappyShopping